Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We Beat the Elephants

We got up early yesterday morning and headed up to Cameron Park Zoo. It is about a two hour drive and we wanted to get there early, before the heat made the day un-bear-able.

The Talker had a very specific list of animals he wanted to see. He wanted to see the monkeys, the tigers and the elephants. It just so happens that these are the first three exhibits you see, IF you are willing to walk the opposite direction of most of the traffic. Since a day care group was headed the other way, we went the monkey-tiger-elephant route.

The only problem, the elephants were not out in the exhibit, yet. Guess they were sleeping late. The Talker loved everything about the zoo. He checked out every animal that we saw and tried to name any that he knew. Mommy and I were really surprised when he knew what a Javelina was. In the same exhibit they had a small herd of white tailed deer. Just like the ones that roam our neighborhood. Guess he thought it was akin to putting our cats on display.

Makes me wonder if they want an exhibit of worthless furry mammals...

The kids day was highlighted by time in the play area, water fountains for splashing and all. That and the returnm trip to the elphants, tigers and monkys. Everyone was awake, this time. Mom's favorite part of the day? The two hour nap they, including her, all took on the way home.

My favorite part of the trip? The side trip to the junkyard. More about that on TruckinDaddy.

I might get around to posting some pics later. Of the zoo, not the junkyard...

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