Tuesday, August 30, 2005

$1.08 Movie Review - Sin City

I wanted to rent a movie last night. So I checked the $1 a day movie kiosk at the grocery store for Napoleon Dynamite. No luck. Not available.

The Boss Lady suggested Sin City. No problem getting a copy of that from the rental machine. That should have been my first clue...

Let me tell you. I watched about 15 minutes. It was mostly black and white, at least in the beginning. It was odd. I was confused. So I left the wife with her dark creepy crime thriller and watched pre-season NFL. Even saw a former UNT player on the field. Go Booger!

And just for the record, he isn't the only UNT alum playing. Brad Kassell, Cody Spencer, and Brian Waters are all out there, too.

So in summary, for my money, I'd watch it again. The football game. Not the movie. Too odd for me. And no UNT alum involved, as far as I know.


dp said...

Hey, you and me both. I went to the theater to see Sin City - first movie in months - by myself. I was fascinated by the filmmaking - liked the wierdness - but man, it was depraved. It got me going on my blog, too. Wish I had put my money to better use. You can read mine here:

Justa Dad said...

I watched sin city last night too. I was cheep and borrowed a neighbors copy. You're right, that was a weird movie. Your best bet is to hold out for Napolian Dynamite. It was weird to, but a good kind of weird.

Anonymous said...

yeah, hold out for Napoleon, we just watched it a week ago and everyone loved it, I think the Talker will really like it.