Friday, August 26, 2005

To mow or not to mow...

I chose not to mow. And I stand by that choice. But if I don't get out there tonight, I might have the neighbor's hunting me down and shackling me to the mower. Of course, I waited long enough to mow the back yard, that now the front needs a trim, too. At least it will all get done at once this time.

Guess my evening won't be too exciting. Especially since it should be a weekend already. For some reason, I lost a day this week. All day Thursday I was really anxious for the weekend to start. Then at dinner I realized it was not yet Friday. So today, the kids and I have used this newly discovered weekday to do nothing .

Sure we watched a little TV and played with Play-Doh for a while, but otherwise, we have been useless. And I am planning to stay that way all weekend. Right after I finish mowing the yard.

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