Monday, August 29, 2005

Words I've waited to hear

When I was a kid, one movie just scared the holy crap out of me. OK, that might not be true. Several movies scared the holy crap outta me, but one scared me worse than all them. The funny thing, I don't even remember seeing it, I just remember it scaring the hell out of me.Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. So through all the years I worked with kids, I never once showed that movie for a rainy day time filler. Believe me, I showed them some really lousy movies. For example, showing this movie comes to mind as one of the lowest points of my professional career. But it had rained for a week. Straight. And I was delirious.

Anyways, The boy was watching an add for a game based on this year's version of the world's scariest movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And all of that background, to tell you when he saw the commercial and some graphics of Charlie, he said to me, "That looks scary. I don't want to play with that."

Amen, Brother. Preach on.


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total, utter and absolute confusement here? Wha?