Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Deal of the Day

The Target store near us is expanding. They are doing a huge remodel and addition, all while trying to keep the store open. We have avoided the mess for several months but thanks to The New Big White Dog, I needed a replacement TV remote, so the kids and I ran over there.

Found a couple of good deals for the kids. So now I will brag...

Wagon For 2 Plus. Nope, didn't pay $60. Or even $50. $12.48 on clearance.

Right below it, on the same shelf, I found a Playskool Le Cafe Set. Not for $60 on No sir. Would not play that. I would not have even paid $40 for the McKids one, on Amazon. But I would pay $14.98.

I admit, I was tempted to buy up all of the clearance stuff they had, another cafe set and a Step 2 Climber for toddlers. But this stuff would have gone straight to being listed on eBay and I finally decided it was all too bulky to bother with shipping.


Darth Daddy said...

Sweet deal on those. Don't you wish you could go into any store and find deals like that?

Anonymous said...

Any chance those le cafe's are still at the store? They are tough to find. That is how I found this website by looking online for them. We can't find them anywhere, not even on playskool's web or target's web. Which target did you see them at? If you don't mind me asking.

Mike said...

I doubt if they are still around. As we were leaving, I saw another one leaving the store. And those were the only two I saw when we hit the store.

183 and Peyton Gin/Ohlen is the store we were at.