Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What a good big brother...

This morning, I put off running an errand because The Talker did not want to go across town until he ate lunch. The only problem with this delay was that our hour long round trip would now happen right before nap time.

So I cut a deal with the boy. We would wait to go downtown, but he had to keep his sister awake and happy in the car, so that we could be home for a real naptime. And this way, daddy gets to rest, too!

He had a great plan. Snacks, stuffed animals, books, hot wheel cars, juice and music were all drug to the car to help keep The Princess from snoozing. And his plan worked pretty well. She was wide awake and laughing when we headed home. She was reading a map with him when we were almost home.

And then, I realized the boy had a secret weapon. About 5 miles from home, I saw him slip her a pacifier that he had hidden in his pocket. So she started her nap a few minutes early. Keeping his sister must have been a big job for him, though. He is in his room, now, snoozing away the afternoon.

Yeah for Daddy! Do I rule naptimes, or what?

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Chip said...

what a great story, and the Talker is really a good big brother! You're a lucky daddy!