Friday, August 19, 2005

A Fish Tale

The Boss Lady had a giant fish tank in her front office last year. It must hold a couple of hundred gallons and a dozen huge fish. This year, they moved it to another office. The Talker misses the tank. The Boss Lady does not.

It was big and got kind of stinky at the end of the school year. But most of all, she is glad it was gone when it cracked this week and leaked all over the other office. Rescuing the fish and preventing a flood provided lots of excitement for a late afternoon. But you ought to hear The Boy tell his version of the story.

In his tale, He was the hero. We were not even there. He broke the tank, when he hit a home run baseball. Now really, would I let him play baseball next to the aquarium? With a real baseball? Inside? With mommy right across the hall? I think not.

But then, he caught all of the fish and ate them up. But miraculously, he also saved them from dying by putting them in buckets. Later, he took the fish to the elevator and let them ride with him to the library where he read them some of his favorite books until the fire department came to put out the fire. What fire? Who said anything about a fire?

Anyways, I think my boy is going to be a great fisherman. Because he can already tell a really great fish story.


Noir Muse said...

Nice post Mike. :)

Mike said...

The Talker's fish story has been the source of much amusement around here. And on the way to church this morning, the wife told me about another version he told her.

This time there were helicopters and police officers involved. Sounds exciting. Maybe he will share this tale with me soon.