Monday, August 29, 2005

Fire Truck Day

A lot of times our schedule is set by special request. The Talker's first words this morning, "Daddy I was thinking about the fire truck playscape and I think we should go."

You betcha. Once the kids and I were up and dressed, we cruised down to the Fire Truck Park, like we have lots of times before. Today though, there were no school groups to contend with. So we played for an hour there.

Later we headed over to the botanical gardens to check out the fish ponds and to have a little snack. Some of these Koi fish look bigger than The Princess. So just sitting and watching them is entertainment enough for the kids for a long while.

In fact, it must have worn out the girl. She slept all the way home and is still napping, an hour later. The boy? I think he is working up a new fish story for us all. He has been playing in his room for 25 minutes. Quietly.

I better go see what he is up too.

For the record, the fire truck is red.

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