Saturday, August 13, 2005

iTunes Rocks!

I want an iPod. Real bad. But, I usually have expensive taste in toys and this is no exception. I really like the high end models.

One of these might be possible. But the expensive ones would be better, because I would not have to spend so much time away from my family, swapping tunes.

I downloaded iTunes, just to play a little and to burn a few MP3 discs. I have a portable CD player that plays MP3s but I have never tried it. So I thought I would burn a few discs just to try it out.

I am digging the iTunes software enough that I have imported 20 discs and I am going to burn a few MP3s for the car. My current plan involves reinstalling the old hard drive, and using it to store a bunch of my favorite discs. That way, when I do end up with an iPod (and I will, Boss Lady, don't you worry...), I'll be ready to fill that bad boy up.

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Darth Daddy said...

While not the ever-sought-after-holy-grail Ipod, there is a model that I got Ive beenhappy with. Called the Aireo Element. 2 gig capacity (I think), fm receiver (for radio-like youd EVEWr want to use it), FM transmitter (you can send music on various frequencies , for playing in the car or a friend car), 2 earphone jacks, and it can be loaded either by hardwiring it to the computer (USB cable), or can be updated through your WIFI system. Say you like ROCK on mondays, but Classical on Tuesday---you make playlists--Monday (at anytime you select), your computer sends all your rocks songs to the player-----Tuesday, it erases all those rock songs, and uploads your classical playlist. Pretty neat, and only $100. Got mine off of Ebay.