Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sails for the SS JOllie Squishy Bug

Back in December, Pops helped me build a playscape for the kids. The SS JOllie Squishy Bug has been sailed on many pirate-y adventures since then. Back when I designed it, I wanted to make sure we could eventually add on other features. And the first add-on, a stretched canvas roof is half way done. That is why I left the tall support posts,when we finished building it.

I was just going to stretch canvas over the top deck and make an ordinary roof. But this playscape deserves something different, so The Boss Lady and I designed two sails for the roof. Each sail will cover half of the deck.

I installed the frames last night. I re-installed the frames this morning. But I did it correctly, this time. Hopefully this weekend The Boss and I can cut the canvas down to size and get it secured to the frames. And I am even more hopeful that it will look good when it is done.

If it does look OK when completed, we thought of a way to shade the swingset with a giant sail, too.

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