Monday, August 15, 2005

Just for the Record

I spent most of the afternoon loading MP3s onto the new hard drive.

My iTunes library now holds:

About 20 CDs worth of music
522 different tracks
An impressive looking 1.3 days worth of tunes
63 songs by George Strait
My entire KGSR Broadcast collection (Volumes 4-12)
Only 19 Cowboy Junkies tunes
Only one U2 disc

All of the discs I have loaded, except for the KGSR collection, were just laying around in various CD players. Later, I'll tackle the 200 disc changer in the living room. Then, the George Strait and Cowboy Junkies counts will go WAY up.

And finally, I went to sleep last night listening to an MP3 disc with 156 of my favorites playing! Good Sleep!

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