Monday, June 25, 2007

$369 an hour? I want some of that!

The plumber just left. He has an extra $369 in his pocket and we have a working shower again. Everyone is a little bit happier, now. Especially The Boss Lady.

You see, I did not want him to know what kind of grungy we really are, so I scrubbed every inch of the bathroom before he got here. And the only Algebra I know is clean potty room=happy wife.

By the way, we did in fact have lots of friends over last night and the house was a wreck. So what. They all know we are slobs. Plumber Man still thinks we have a pretty clean house and I want to keep it that way. And yes, these are the things that I worry about. OK?

Is it a little sad? Yes. Normal? Maybe not. Quit hassling me, OK?

The repair took him one hour, including a run to the plumbing supply house for parts. But $369 an hour? I think he is in a good business. Surely there is still a nice profit margin in there, even if gas goes up to $5 a gallon and the parts he uses are made of titanium.

$369. I wonder how I can get The Boss Lady to pay me some of that for my role in the clean and fully functional bathroom?



Haha AHD, you are not alone. Much as we like not to admit, we all worry about how clean our place looks to the unknown outsiders...

Angel said...

Wow... that is some serious ca-ching. I just befriended an electrician who we are referring to clients for each other. For two referrals I gave out for him he is going to install some recessed lights for me for... free. Woohoo to being a designer. :D

Oda Daddy said...

Yeah, that happened to me once. I got off easy. The plummer said that "through his company" the cost would be somewhere around $300.00. BUT, if I wanted I could pay him $75.00 cash and we'd call it even.

Unethical? Maybe, but I save a whole lot of money!


Mike said...

OD, I figure the unethical part is the company who charges that much over what it actually coststo repair.

My guy never offered to work off the record, but I sure would have taken him up on the offer if he had.