Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It must be summer

I need to get some headlights for my lawn mower. It would be the only lit-up push mower in town. But now that summer is almost in full swing it is too dang hot to mow at a decent hour.

The last two nights I have been out mowing at dark. The yard does not look great, but after I edge and weed-eat in the dark tomorrow, I am sure it will look better.

The kids and I worked on the playscape today. We found a new piece of canvas to replace the roof on the climbing tower. Hopefully that will help keep them from melting when we play out there at 10 in the morning. Last year I hung some king sized sheets over the entire playscape. It wasn't pretty, thus no pictures, but it kept the direct sun off of us and the kids could play out there into the afternoon. I think I'll be working out a similar system this summer.

The Princess is loving this weather. The veggie garden has to be watered at least once a day and she has become quiet the watering expert. Anything to get to splash around for a few minutes. The Talker seems to be more interested in the Star Wars video game than anything happening outside. And since it was in the high 90s today, I can't blame him.


Ginger said...

Last night after 7pm when the sun was hidden behind the trees it was actually quite nice out on our driveway. So we have about 1 hour of really great daylight weather each day.

Mike said...

That is us, too. Outside from 6:45 until about 7:45. Then a quick rush to bed since swim lessons are wearing the kids out this week.

Terry said...

We are on a water ban, because of the drought.. What time do you water the garden.. I need to wash my car!!