Monday, June 04, 2007

Anybody need some cable repair?

Guess what is missing from my front yard?

Yep, the cable company repair job that started on February 7 is finished up. Right on time!

I came home from dropping off The Talker this morning to find a crew working in the yard. Evidently they finally decided to put the cable into the hole in the ground. After all, they paid someone a bunch of $ to have the trench dug in the neighbor's yard, they might as well use it.

It is a bittersweet success. It is finished and that is the most important part. But it has taken at least 25 emails and I bet a dozen phone calls to get the work finished. Add to that the 5 or six different work crews that have been over here trudging through the yard and I am not happy about the hassle.

The crew did a decent enough job on the trench, the front grass is already healing pretty well. But inside of our yard, the trench went through red clay that wasn't backfilled properly. After several heavy rains it is already starting to collapse and erode. So in the end I'll end up fixing their mess again. Ugh!

The last contact I got from the company said that someone from their Management Team would be contacting me soon to discuss the hassles of this project. I hope they do.

I have already decided that the only way they cam make me happy is to give up some freebies. If they hook me back up to the system and give me service that includes more channels than we get now from DirecTV, for two years AND all for FREE, that might go a long way toward making me happier.

But, seeing how long it took them to bury a new line for my neighbor who IS one of their paying customers, I won't hold my breath while I wait for a manager to email me. And I bet we will still be paying for DirecTV at this time next year.


Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

To borrow a phrase from Will Ferrell's character in Blades of Glory, your whole experience is a bit "mind bottling" isn't it?

AtHomeDaddy said...

Very fitting indeed, since I wouldn't mind hitting someone from the company right up side the head with a magnum of Mad Dog 20/20 right now!

Ginger said...

It's so sad that it is funny. I hope you are able to laugh about it. At least in that cackling way insane people laugh.

Mike said...

By the way, no one ever called...