Friday, June 01, 2007

Cheaper by the baker's dozen?

While I was waiting at the DVM to get the VW titled, I started thinking back on all of the cars that The Boss Lady and I have used up over the years.


76 Peugeot 504 diesel, traded for
84 Olds Cutlass Supreme stolen, recovered, rebuilt and sold for
94 Ford Escort wrecked, rebuilt, totaled and sold for 95 Escort


69 VW Beetle, sold for
1991 Ford Escort Hatchback, traded for 90 Sable


90 Mercury Sable, wrecked, rebuilt traded for
98 Ford Ranger, our first new car, traded in for
01 Ford Windstar, traded for 06 Vue
95 Ford Escort Wagon, totaled (see a trend?) and sold for
95 Mazda 626, soon to leave our driveway

The current rides

68 Chevrolet C10
, my truck
06 Saturn Vue, the family car
01 VW New Beetle, the wife's new car


Ginger said...

Why were you at the Vet's office to get the VW title? Ha,ha!

Mike said...

Well, you know we DO spend a lot of time, there, too. I guess I could go corect the typo, but I am lazy.

Terry said...

Most of my rides were wrecked or totaled, but I was never the one doing the driving...

No, you can not take Sally out for a spin..

Mike said...

Let's set the record straight.

Escort 1, wrecked by the soon to be wife, later totaled into the side of a building by the wife.

Sable, wrecked by dad

Escort 2, totaled by the wife

None on my shift.

I did hit a police car, but that was in a city owned bus. Moved that bitch about 15 feet outta my way!

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm not sure I could do a list of ours like that.

Terry said...

Okay okay iMike.. I apologize for my hasty judgement of your driving skillz.. But you still ain't driving Sally!

Mike said...

Thank you.

And You are right in the end. I would raise some hellin Sally, so it is best that you keep her away!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you remember all your cars as well as you do. Good thing to do while waiting in line. Now, I wonder if I can name off all of our cars. Probably not.

Mike said...

I could tell you the color of each of them, too, except the wife's first car. It was gone before I came around.

I saw a picture once (I think it was tan).