Tuesday, June 05, 2007

8 Random things about me

OK, this has taken me a while to get around to, but Bears in Exile tagged me. It has taken me so long, because I had to think up some things that were not listed last time.

In no particular order, I present you with 8 random things about AtHomeDaddy.

5. I can't read a magazine without ripping out all of the little card inserts. Actually, I can start reading, but once I find a subscription or advertisement insert I stop and yank them all out before I continue reading. In fact, I was reading Newsweek just now, I stopped to pull the stupid little cards out and I thought "Hey, this is random, I should blog it..." How's that for random?

By the way, Rolling Stone is the absolute worst about putting crap in between the magazine pages

14. I have more shoes than most women. But I usually stick with wearing the same pair for days on end. Last summer it was some old Birkenstocks, now it is a pair of blue Crocs. But there are at least 5 pair of tennis and running shoes in my closet and in the garage. Then there are a couple of pair of Justin boots, one pair of hiking boots and one pair of black shoes. When I dress up it is with black cowboy boots. The same pair I wore to our wedding. They have been re-soled 5 or six times.

Π. Speaking of boots, I have one pair that have been re-soled at least 20 times. They are a pair of Justin boots that I bought in the fall of 1992 in Justin, Texas. Who would forget a thing like that. They are wicked comfortable but I haven't worn them since my grandmother's funeral. My boots got muddy at the grave site and I still haven't cleaned them.

17. I once had a Siamese cat who I named after my favorite singer, Margo Timmins of The Cowboy Junkies. Margo moved with me 3 or four times, but ultimately ended up living at my parent's house. Then she died. The cat, not the singer...

666. I used to sleep with a Cowboy Junkies CD playing. The same CD. Every night for 5 years or more. Then I lost the CD. And I haven't slept worth a damn since.

3. I absolutely hate spaghetti. And tomatoes if they aren't cut microscopically small and cooked into something. And that is all there is to say about that.

97. I like fishing. I hadn't fished in years and I started again about two years ago. I don't go often around here, but when we go to the Gulf of Mexico, I can be found sitting on a pier with a fishing rod close by.

8. I started blogging just so the grandparents could keep up with the daily goings on of the kids. Then all of you guys came around and started listening to my stories and lies. So keep coming back or I'll just be muttering to myself.


Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

I'm with you on fishing. I did it a ton growing up in Florida but haven't been in a long time.

Then a buddy and I went this weekend and the bug has bitten me.

Ginger said...

I do the same thing with magazines. I've met so few people who've even heard of Cowboy Junkies. Which album was it? I have a couple of favorites. I used to listen to it while studying.

Mike said...

The Trinity Session, though I have every thing they have every recorded including some boot-legged concerts.

Yeah for stolen music!