Thursday, June 28, 2007

Even the plumber doesn't have a Sugar Momma

The Boss Lady has gone absolutely freaking mad. And I love it.

She drove a few blocks away on Wednesday to drop off The Talker at a play date. Then she disappeared for a couple of hours. I wondered what she was up to when I noticed that she had taken my car instead of the Beetle.

Turns out cleaning this woman's bathroom is a profitable venture. The plumber who charged us $360 an hour on Monday has nothing on me. The lot where we bought my car is clearing out the last of their 2007s. And they are doing it with 0% financing and rebates to boot. She drove away with a brand new, more nicely equipped Vue V6 with less than 100 miles on it for the same payment as our 25K mile, 18 month old ride. Ca-Ching!

The sad part, I put the dealership through heck last year, looking for a black or blue Vue with tan interior. 'Cause they were really purty. A little too purty, in fact. When they finally found one, I decided against it since the kids would have it dirty too fast. Back then we settled on the silver one.

Now, sitting in my driveway is the exact black ride I longed for back then. Tan interior included. Time to get out the cleaning rags. And for the record, The Talker is totally anti-Black Beauty. He wants "the silver Saturn back, NOW!" 'Cause the new car smells funny and it isn't the same one..."

But what I wonder now is, if The Boss Lady rewards a clean bathroom this way, what do you think she'll do if I wash her car for her? And more importantly, do you guys think she is just trying to get away with not buying me a birthday present next month?


Anonymous said...

Great car. I like the Black Beauty. Very sharp.

And just think of the great lesson that The Talker will learn about getting over things not to his liking. I'm sure that this is why his mother bought the car, to help him learn to let go!! :-)

Ginger said...

Mike, if I were you I would quit thinking she did this because you cleaned the bathroom and start wondering what she is going to need your forgivness for.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I teach you anything about black cars in Texas? Man, I guess I'd better get out the waxing rags and come on down and take a crack at it!

Rick said...

Fold the laundry and I bet she will let you have a new door for Marge!

Angel said...

Wow!!! Awesome new ride!!!