Saturday, June 16, 2007

The heaviest Father's Day gift, EVER.

The wife and kids ran out to the middle of nowhere yesterday to pick up my Father's Day gift, a truckload of big ol' rocks. Blocks of limestone that I am going to use to create Walk Way V2.0.

Our garage and driveway are narrow. 2 cars will fit side-by-side in the driveway, but you pretty much need to park on the edge to keep from bashing the other guy's door. The Saturn has several nice war wounds from a close encounter of the door kind with the 68 Chevy.

Since we were always tromping around beside the driveway, no grass would grow there. So back when I added pea gravel as a ground cover around the kid's play scape, I used the last load of gravel to widen the driveway enough that you could step out of the car without getting your feet muddy. On one side my plan worked perfectly. It is a little of a downhill slope and the gravel makes a nice jump out spot.

The other side of the driveway has been a disaster since I laid the first shovelful of rocks. A slight slope keeps the gravel rolling right into the driveway. That was Walk Way V1.0.

After I got tired of slipping on the gravel I built a short retaining wall to contain the rocks. That was Walk Way V1.1. But my wall just added to the hassle. Now we had something to trip on next to the driveway, while we are sliding around on the loose gravel that rolls over the mini retaining wall. Plus, I ran over the wall in my truck, and that did not do it any good.

I tried to redesign the retaining wall when I built Walk Way V1.2. And it helped for a while.

Finally, I decided to heck with a walkway, I started putting in a flowerbed. Then I realized that would cause a lot new of hassles. So I removed part of the walk way and added a flowerbed out by the street. Thus, the worst area of gravel spill-over was eliminated with Walk Way V1.3. And I have left it alone for a few months.

All of that to say that The Boss Lady and her truckload of rocks are on the way into the ground. No more pea gravel on the driveway. Now we will have a nice limestone path, Walk Way 2.0.

We started working on the new path this afternoon. The Boss Lady and The Talker removed the pea gravel while I started digging out the soil to lay the new rocks. We got about 1/3 of the path laid in a couple of hours. Hopefully I'll get it all finished up on Sunday afternoon.

But my real desire is that I never need to think about designing Walk Way 2.1.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, the motives were really not so subtle. Without the pea gravel, I won't get dusty leather heels on my way to work in the mornings. It was fun diggin' in the dirt with ya tonight! CBH!

KC said...

Hahahaha that's the gift that keeps on giving. Hope there's a budget to hire some strong backs to help out.

Ginger said...

Goodness gracious! Couldn't you just pave an extension on either side and be done with it?

Mike said...


Short answer, Yes

Long answer, Not until I have a paying job and quit blowing the house repair budget on other "projects".