Sunday, June 24, 2007

At least I didn't break the dog poop

Do you ever have a "Breakdown Day?" I have been on a real streak lately.

Yesterday the weed-eater broke. After church l headed over to Sears to pick up a new one. Once home, l finished up the backyard quickly. $115 well spent.

Afterwards l jumped into the shower, and l managed to break it, too. The plumber wants $100 minimum. Home Depot wants $65 for the parts.

Last week I broke the giant-sized dust pan that l use to clean up after the dog. When The Boss went to HD to check on the plumbing parts, she bought a new dust pan.

Luckily, nothing broke when I put it to use.

Lucky dog.

Edit: Hopefully maybe my luck is changing. I managed to type this post on the Nintendo DS Lite, using the new DS Browser software I picked up last week. And nothing broke.


Will said...

You're really making me want that browser. How'd you break the shower?

Anonymous said...

I like the title of this post. I can't believe you can post things from a Nintendo product. That's crazy!