Friday, June 01, 2007

Garden bounty

My potatoes are in! My potatoes are in!

I have been looking forward to this all season. My first time growing potatoes looks to be a big success. We will be boiling some of them up at our shrimp boil tonight. This was only 1/4 of my crop. I'll replant the smaller ones, to see if I can get a second crop this year.

The rest of this morning's haul was nice, too. Carrots, a little more leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes for the wife, basil and a mountain of green beans.

One of the reasons I garden is so that the kids will try new things when we harvest. This morning the kids went crazy wanting to eat the carrots. No one wanted to eat the "Mickey Mouse Potato". I'll let Mickey sprout and then back in the dirt he will go.


Ginger said...

When you went to DW did you see the Mickey shaped tomatoes and Pumpkins they were growing at Epcot? I can't remember the name of the ride - Living with the Land, maybe.

Mike said...

Yeah, that was COOL!

Terry said...

Hmm, kids try new things from the harvest...

When I tried new things, it usually went under the table... until days later mom/dad would harvest it.. Talk about stanky!!