Friday, February 11, 2005

Arrival of The Belted Beast

Back on the 7th, I posted about the new treadmill that we bought. But we decided it was not such a great idea. Am I suddenly happy with the spare tire I currently wear? Nope.

But I was chatting with Other Dad last night. I mentioned that we were buying a treadmill. Turns out his wife had one waiting to be sold in their garage. A quick call to cancel the new one, and MUCH smaller check written to the neighbors and we are now in possession of a much better quality treadmill. It needs a little cleaning, and may need a new belt. But they now have a place to pile more junk and we are $500 or more ahead of the game.

Great. Now I just have to get off of my lardbutt and get some exercise while watching SportsCenter. And of course, if all else fails, at least I feel better about hanging the laundry on a used treadmill.

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