Monday, February 28, 2005

What a Day!

80 degrees and sunny as heck. Of course, that means allergy season is here. But as I have proven so many times before, I am a moron. Eventhough my allergies are driving me nuts, we were outside for hours and hours today.

When I had finally had enough of sneezing, we headed to the library. I needed to change The Princess while we were there, but there is no diaper deck in the men's room. Yes, they have one in the ladies room. After they suggested I sneak into the ladies room to change the baby, I decided to make it a quick visit.

Oh yeah, I changed the baby, on the floor in the middle of the kids section. But only because it was the only clear floorspace and all of the reading tables were in use. I don't know what the staff thought about me changing the baby beside the books, but. A dad's gotta do...

Afterwards, we skipped lunch and headed to the park. The Talker immediately made a couple of friends. Then the 'three year old boy game' began. Same game as always. Someone runs, someone else chases. Someone gets tackled, someone cries. Mommies stress, daddies laugh. Good times.

I think The Talker won. Because he was dirtier than the others, and their mommies took them home after a while. We stayed well into naptime. Because I was afraid that if I headed for the car, the boy might tackle me, too.

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