Friday, February 25, 2005

Insanity run amok times 3 to the power of 13

It is almost winter again. It has been cold and drizzly enough that we have only been outside to get in the car. The Talker is going crazy from being cooped up all day long. The Princess? Well she is always a little goofy, so who knows?

Yesterday, I was fully aware that The AtHomeTrio would be playing inside. All day long. But, I was not prepared for a semi-surprise 13 hour day. Semi-surprise, because The Boss Lady swears I knew about it last weekend, but the first I remember hearing that she had to work late, was about 11:30 am. So we adjusted. Late naps and extra TV time, mixed with hotwheel racing tracks, wooden trains, a little bit of pirate play and some jumping on mommy and daddy's big bed. None of it seemed to wear out The Talker.

By 6:30 pm, he was running through the house like a wild bear. The Princess was pretty good all day long, but in the end, I think she wanted the boy to sit down and be quiet, too. Every time he would run past her, she would cringe and brace for the bear growl that he was about to release.

In the end, The Boss Lady got home about 45 minutes earlier than she expected. So the bear hunt was suspended and The Talker was finally tranquilized and relocated for his bath and bedtime.

And The Princess, she has gone nocturnal. So The Boss Lady kept her until 2:45 this morning. By 3 am, she and I were snoozing on the couch until daybreak. She really is cute when she sleeps. You should come see her. But don't waste your time looking at night. She will be wide awake, then.


Chip said...

Hmmm. I live in a place with 6 months of winter. Well okay I'm exaggerating a bit, it's actually only 5½ months... We have a term here, "cabin fever", which is what happens after the 2nd or 3rd month of being cooped up inside with small children.

Fortunately we do get lots of snow. Snow is wonderful. You wrap the kids up in layers and layers, throw them out in the snow, they play and play and play until they are exhausted.

The worst is when it's cold and there's no snow, or worse, cold and rainy. That gets really crazy real fast...

Mike said...

I guess our tolerance is lower down here in the land of three seasons - summer, after summer and almost summer.

Cabin fever sets in around day four. We would die within a week. And we would probably eat the sheetrock or carpet, just for fun.