Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Black Escort Blues

The AtHomeFamily went last night to pick up The Boss Lady's car. The shop completed everything except the alignment. Which was one of the things we actually took it in to have done. It will need to go back again, soon.

The new wheel I bought at the tire store does not match the others, as the salesman assured me that it would. "Perfectly", keeps echoing through my brain. Did you know about wheel offset? Yeah, I wish I did not, either..

So now I need to find a replacement wheel, hopefully used... have the new tire mounted on the new/used/replacement wheel, return the new/new/replacement wheel for a refund at the tire store, have the new tire mounted on the new/used/replacement wheel and mounted on the car. THEN, and only then, will they be able to do an alignment on the car.

My real frustration is that the car sat at the shop for two days. If they had told me about the wheel, we could have dealt with everything during that time. Instead, we get to drive it like this for a few days. Nothing like dropping a chunk of change on the car and still have it drive like junk.

Someone, please. Run me over with an Escort Wagon in my sleep. But be careful. Cause it is a real pain in the butt if you dent one of the wheels.

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