Monday, February 28, 2005

Baby Boot Camp Begins

The Boss Lady and The Princess have started an epic battle. This era of AtHomeFamily time might come to be known as 'he Battle of the Nights'. It seems The Boss Lady wants to sleep more than 2 hours at a stretch.

The Princess? She likes to sleep until 2 am. Then, she wants mommy. Not much else will get the girl back to sleep. The Boss Lady has learned to get back to sleep quickly. Some nights The Boss Lady only gets 3 hours of sleep. Fun days at work surely follow.

Me? True confession time, I usually sleep through it. Once I am up with The Princess, then I am usually awake for the night. No more sleep. And the days that follow are NOT fun, I assure you.

Plus, I am not nearly as effective in the middle of the night brawls with Baby Girl, so the crying goes lots longer and the chances of us waking the entire family go way, WAY up. So, we end up sitting in the recliner and snoozing the rest of the night away. But mainly, we try not to violate Rule Number One, Don't wake The Boy. Because, like me, he will instantly be up and ready to play, midnight or 3 am.

All that is changing, now that THE HOW TO GET YOUR BABY TO SLEEP BOOK has been bought. The Princess might as well give in to the program. The Boss Lady has created a schedule for when we will respond to nighttime crying. I think my peaceful nights of slumber are going away for a while. But guess what?

I skipped to the end of the book. The Boss Lady wins!


Chip said...

Funny, I used to sleep through that stuff too, my wife would have to nudge me awake to go deal with the baby. If baby wanted to nurse, I'd bring baby to mommy. If baby was cranky, I'd just deal with it.

Not sure if that ability to not hear baby cries at night is a liability or an asset, whether it's hard wired or learned.

Oh yeah, good luck...

Mike said...

It must be hard wired in me. I used to sleep through campers sneaking in and out all night at my college summer camp jobs. No wonder they liked me.

I even slept through a car being moved - behind a tractor - into the middle of camp for a prank on a staff member. And I was sleeping twenty feet from where the driveway. In a tent trailer!


Chip said...

See, for me it's different. Most everything will wake me up. But somehow not the baby cry...

CB on the other hand DOES sleep through everything.