Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Return of the Belted Beast

The new belt for the treadmill arrived today. I could attempt to fix it right now, but they caution that it is a two person installation. So I'll wait of The Boss Lady. Maybe we will get it running tonight. Plus, I want to hassle her about THE LAUNDRY that is currently stacked on the tradmill!?!?!

And why a new belt? I thought it might need one, but mainly because I mangled the old one. While I was cleaning and adjusting it. So we have been without a treadmill since Saturday. The Boss Lady has not even used it, yet. Maybe tonight she will. And then, tommorow, I can run all day long and go no where, fast.

Then again, that sounds like most other days around here.

And FYI, we are still WAY ahead on price...

1 comment:

Justa Dad said...

Good luck with the treadmill.
I'm on the third floor during my training phase, so I'm taking the stairs 3 times a day. We'll see if it works.