Monday, February 28, 2005

The Princess Walks and Talks - Almost

Twice today, once at the park and once with Mommy (thank goodness, because I was not telling The Boss Lady about the park until she saw it for herself) The Princess tried to take a step.

At the park, she was sitting in pea gravel, she stood up and she lifted her left foot. She balanced for a fraction of a second and then she put her foot down again in the same spot. Then she sat. And ate pea gravel.

But tonight, The Boss Lady and The Princess were standing in the living room, when Mommy stomped her foot and Baby Girl repeated. Three or four times.

She never made any forward progress, but it is a step. Or a stomp. Or something.

Something that she could not do 24 hours ago. Amazing.

If that is not enough, she has also picked up another sign language sign. The Princess is great at signing 'more' when she is eating. Today at lunchtime, without me showing her, she signed 'please more'. When I made a huge fuss over her new skill, she repeated it for a minute, solid. She had great fun, showing off for Mommy, tonight.

We bought the book Baby Signs, when The Talker was a few months old. We used a combination of baby signs and ASL signs, since that is what I used with a lot of the kids at my old job. At his peak, The Talker was using 50 or more signs. He actually GOT IT. The sign language was a useful tool until he was 20 months old, or so. Even still, he remembers his signs, when prompted. But he does not use them unless we ask him. Usually when we want him to show The Princess a new sign.

So, little girl, I am anxious to see more great things, please, out of you, tomorrow.

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