Friday, February 04, 2005


Back on January 17, AtHomeDaddy shared about The Princess and her misplaced ear infection.

Well Sir, she decided that was so much fun, that we should do it again. We got sent home from the Pediatrician's office this morning, after waiting an hour for a "sample". When the collection bag leaked, I got the "sample" in my lap. Which makes it really difficult to test.

We are headed back in a couple of hours - so they can "extract a sample". Sounds fun, huh? Are you sitting scrunched up and cross-legged now, like me? I guess this is one of those time a girl needs her daddy to be brave for her.

But how brave it is to be thinking "Glad it's you, and not me, girl..."?


SparkyDiva said...

you've probably got a sonogram headed your way, too. good luck trying to get her to sit still for *that*!!

much good luck to you...and prayers headed your way!


Mike said...

Next Fri. Wanna help?

Justa Dad said...

Times like that you need a parent purple heart medal.

I would suggest a follow up of ice cream, lots and lots, of ice cream, just to get back on her good side.

It allways worked for me.