Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hunting Season

You a hunter? Not me. I am so not a hunter that I don't even know what hunting season it is right now. Except that I wish it was open season on the Bambi and his friends in my front yard.

But, this morning I have been using all of my survival and tracking skills. Am I hunting big game? The biggest. Seems that a sippy-cup with milk in it has gone AWOL. After twenty minutes spent tracking and sniffing my way through the house, I found my prey.

Sitting in the bottom of the sink. Trying to camouflage himself with the other dirty dishes. Never fear. He is now safely gutted and mounted in the dishwasher with all of his little friends. Most of them, anyways. Evidently, he has more friends than we have dishwasher space this morning...

1 comment:

Chip said...

Before I had kids I was neutral about milk; never drank it straight but put it on cereal.

Then came the whole bottles and sippy cups with milk thing.

I hate milk now.

When I think of milk, it brings to mind those milk-encrusted bottles and nipples and sippy cups that have been sitting around fermenting...

Fortunately neither CB nor BK like milk anymore.