Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hook 'Em

There are a lot of nice things about living in a college town. The Boss Lady and I decided that we would always live near a university back when we got married and were living in another "college town".

I could tell you about all of the cultural experiences that we expose the offspring to. The art exhibits, the musical performances, the plays, the symphony - they are all right there, on campus. And I could let you in on lots of little secrets about getting kids interested in attending these functions.

If we had ever been.

Ok, we have been to the symphony, once, without kids. And we saw our neighbor there. She said "You guys look really out of place." Point taken. We will stick to Robert Earl Keen concerts.

And still, The Talker knows a lot about The University. Because they have sports! Sitting in a stadium is a better fit for our family than box seats for the opera. No one hassles us for being loud and getting up out of our chairs thirty times for potty-breaks.

At least I hope not. Because we are off to a basketball game tonight. This is the first trip since potty training ended in a stalemate. The Boss Lady is home from work early, snacks are loaded and hidden in the diaper bag and the kids have each had a three hour nap, so they are ready to howl.

But we have to get there early. The boy HAS to sing The Eyes of Texas with the crowd, while wearing his Hook 'Em Hand, or he will be very sad. Yes, we encourage our children to make handsigns to the devil... And if he is going to be sad, we might as well just send him to the opera. Or Norway.

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