Thursday, February 24, 2005

Is it good...

When the pediatrician tells your kid "You are getting to be high maintenance."?

The Talker only sees the Dr for regular checkups and shots. The Princess has seen him at least twice a month, forever. Getting to be high maintenance, my butt.

This girl started out high maintenance, with 21 people, an entire neo-natal crisis team, waiting on her in the delivery room. And she is now used to that kind of attention. She has most recently decided that sleeptime is 'Mommy and Me' playtime. Seems to be an effective way to get three or five hours of uninterrupted 'Mommy time'.

So if you see a neo-natal crisis team running around with nothing to do, let me know. Maybe a couple of them can babysit this weekend and The Boss Lady can catch a quick nap.

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