Friday, February 25, 2005

Seen Wags?

This morning, while straightening toys, The Talker suddenly wanted his Wags the Dog toy. I have not see this stuffed animal in 3 months, at least. He knew right where it was, though, so I obliged.

When it was not in either of the toy drawers under his bed, The Talker was highly annoyed. After yesterday's high-energy-fest, I am still a little scared of the boy. I hope he never goes off like that again. So I searched. The entire house.

Anywhere a stuffed dog toy might hide, I looked there. Yep, even in mommy's bathroom!?! Because he said it was in there, after telling 12145 other places that Wags was hiding.

After an hour of putting away toys as I searched, no Wags. So I distracted the boy. Different toys surely would keep his mind off of Wags the Dog. So we got out every piece of Fisher Price Little People stuff that he owns. He has been in heaven for the past two hours, with an entire town set-up. Right on the living room floor.

And while I was looking for Mrs. Noah, to go with the ark playset, I found Wags the Dog. In a laundry basket under the train table that is full of cars and train parts. Right where The Talker said it was...

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Noir Muse said...

My best friend's son is enthralled with the wiggles. I've watched one of their shows and I gotta say, those fellas are pretty endearing. I like the octopus. There is something about an octopus that wears shoes.