Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hey Brother, Can You Spare Some Dumpster Space?

I am regularly amazed by how much trash we make in this house. And Bro gets a lot of joy out of listening to me whine about the hassles of trash day.

Seems that in his last couple of houses, he could pile anything at the curb and it would all disappear by noon, twice a week. I know he was able to get rid of several major appliances and a demolished wooden deck this way.

Here? No so easy. AtHomeDaddy gets one pick up a week, and if it does not fit in the city-issued dump cart, it'll cost ya'! If you know ahead of time, you can buy $2 stickers at the grocery store to put on EACH extra bag. But you better be made of gold if you forget the sticker. In that case, it'll cost $4 per extra bag, thank you very muchly. I keep a stash of the largest garbage bags ever made, just so I can throw as much junk away as possible when I do have to resort to trash-stickers.

I am PROUD to say, I have never had to pay $4 to get a bag of trash picked up. Because this is where At-home-daddies have an advantage. Once they leave for work, the kids and I check out the neighbor's carts, looking for empty space. And amazingly, my extra trash disappears.

And why do I dwell on things like this? Because I was bummed when I rolled the cart to the curb. I spent 6 hours cleaning the garage over the weekend but the garbage cart is only half full. Obviously, I did not throw out enough crap. I could get out there and round up some more stuff, but I would just end up overfilling the cart and need more space. It is cold and rainy, so I am quitting while I'm ahead.

And the junk pile by the house? I think I'll take that to my brother's new house. Just to see if his new trash service is as good as his old service. If not, maybe he can cruise HIS street, checking HIS neighbor's dumpsters. I sure hope he enjoys the walk.

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