Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dragon and Dinosaur Crossing - Proceed with Caution

We often get recaps of The Talker's dreams, first thing in the morning. AS soon as he gets up, he frequently will tell us something like "I was talking to Woody. I was asleep" or "I was playing with Snoochie last night". Snoochie is The Princess' Christmas doll that he kidnapped on December 26th and renamed. No ransom was ever requested.

This morning The Talker woke with one thing on his mind. Before 8am, he was begging for his Purple Dragon/Dinosaur Halloween costume. So we were out the door on a morning walk before 9am. I was carrying The Princess and trying to keep an eye on the The Purple Dragon who was roaring and stalking his way through the neighborhood.

This turned out to be perfect timing for a 3 year old. It seems like everyone in the neighborhood was late to work, so they all saw The Talker Dragon as they drove down the street. And of course, they had to stop and comment about the ferocious dragon that was following me.

He must have had the same dream during his nap. He was out of his bed and begging for help with his costume quickly this afternoon. He tromped around for a hour. And then he was done. The costume was left in the kitchen, the gloves were in the living room, and I found the hood in my closet. He spent the rest of the day in his pajamas. Even when we went to the library. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

At least I was dressed. If not for taking the dragon and The Princess for our walk, I am not sure that would have happened today.

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