Saturday, February 05, 2005

One of Those Days

Ever wake up at 5am with one of the worst migranes you have ever had? And you get up early, because your head hurts too much to go back to sleep. So you start laundry and dishes and get the kids settled when they wake up. And you let your spouse sleep in.

And you decide to fix the heater on the van, but you can't get to the part without ripping out the dash, so you decide that ripping a car apart while fighting with a migrane might not be a good idea. So you decide not to change the oil in the van either, because laying on the ground might make your head hurt more.

So you try to go fishing since it is not raining, but as soon as you get to the lake, the wind starts blowing and it gets real cloudy and cold. And you lose a new lure. So you go home to nap on the couch.

But as soon as you fall asleep, the baby wakes up. And since you want to win the husband of the year, you run to the grocery store for more caffeine and you keep the baby happy for 90 minutes, while the wife naps. Then the older kid wakes up as soon as a good basketball game starts on TV. So you entertain both kids until midway through the first half, eventhough you want to amputate your own head.

And when the wife wakes up, you end up falling asleep and you miss most of the game. And then they lose in overtime. So you decide to set-up the boy's racetrack that has a bazillionty pieces and lousy instructions. All the while wondering if you can gouge out your own brain with a piece of racetrack. Because it might make your head stop hurting.

Yeah, me too.

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Justa Dad said...

Hang in there!
Maybe you can get some sleep tomorrow. I mean is it Sunday, and I’m sure nothing will be going on of any importance……….

Oh yeah. I forgot.

You better get to bed RIGHT NOW!

If your family gives you any grief, I can write you a permission slip.