Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Is the Untimely End of AtHomeDaddy?

The Talker has decided that naptime us an unnecessary break in the middle of his duties as the AtHomeFam Narrator. SO most of this week he has just skipped naps.

Sucks to be me.

But worse, he has not figured out how to be quiet when he is not asleep. So that means that The Princess' royal naps are getting interrupted more than she, or I, would like.

So a few options I am considering:

No naps - for anyone. Maybe we can just all start going to bet at 6pm.

A bed with restraints - for me. Maybe the kids should just have the run of the house.

Setting up the dog crates. They have food and water bowls, and plenty of playspace... OR

Asking The Boss Lady for an unlimited gasoline budget. So that we can cruise town at 2pm everyday. Evidently naps are now going for $2.01 a gallon, because neither kid can resist a quick nap in the van when we are out running errands. I should probably check for a carbon monoxide leak... We spent an hour in the car this afternoon, running to the grocery store. It should have been a 5 mile round trip, but they were BOTH ASLEEP!

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Chip said...

Oh no, not the end of naps! That dreaded time. We knew it was coming as my daughter started waking up well short of her normal 3 hours...

I guess it's unavoidable though. How about an obligatory quiet time in the talker's bedroom? We did that with my own son, the bionic baby, who NEVER took a nap...