Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The AtHomeDaddy Fan Club

Has held it's first couple of meetings this week. And boy, is it tough being the Mayor of the club.

The neighbor's grandsons are hanging out with her this summer. They are 5 and 8 but the 8 year old could pass for 12 easily. The fiver is ALL about being five. He is a sassy little smart mouth know it all. My kind of kid. Somedays.

The problem is that Grandma works nights, so the boys are looking for something to do in the mornings while she is asleep. Yesterday they came over and played out front with us for an hour or more. Everybody was good and The Talker loved having big boys over to play.

While they were playing, the five year old saw our playscape through the fence. But the back yard has been needing a mow for a long time. The skeeters are so bad that I think they set up a landing strip back there. Anyways, I was finally motivated to mow the back yard. Nothing like having a herd of kids from 2 to 8 guilt you into doing your chores.

Yesterday afternoon the boys heard us playing in the backyard, so they came over. This is when I found out about the 5 year old's bossy side. I had to remind him several times that The Talker is indeed allowed to play on his own playscape. When he tried to play along with the older kids, The Talker was sent away by the younger brother several times.

Finally, when I was really getting tired of trying to teach Jr. the house rules, the older brother took charge and they headed back to grandma's.

So now I have to figure out how much playtime these guys are going to get over here. I don't want to provide free baby sitting, but I don't ever mind kids coming over if they can follow our simple rules. And from what I've seen so far, Jr. might have a problem getting with the AtHomeDaddy Program. Big Brother is proving to be a good model for the little kids. And I really want The talker to see more of him in action.

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KC said...

Be more explicit with the Dense One. Explain that you won't have people over unless they follow the rules. You can be sure that the Big Brother hears you as you mention that you will allow the two kids over only if both follow the rules.

Good luck with that and the skeeters. Not enough rain around here to breed 'em -- yet.