Thursday, June 22, 2006

Garden Bonaza

Not a bad harvest for two mornings from two tomato plants, six or seven bean plants, a handful of carrot seeds and three onion sets that a neighbor shared with me early in the spring.

Now if I could sell these things for $127.45 a pound, I MIGHT break even.

Tomato aficionados might notice that some of the fruit are still a little green. The birds get 'em if I don't pick them a little early. The Boss Lady says they don't taste as good, but I hate 'matos, red green or otherwise. But I hate it more when the birds peck holes in them and I get squishy tomato guts all over me when I pull them off of the vine.


KC said...

128 a pound for a profit you say? How much you spending on that garden? Did 99 die and one live? ;)

Mike said...

I never ever figure out how much the garden actually costs each year. I am sure I would be really sad if I knew the true cost of these veggies.