Sunday, June 18, 2006

It is like Christmas around here.

Father's Day just keeps going around here. When I ran to pick up lunch, the restaurant was passing out free caps to all the dads who came in. So Dad and I both got caps that say "World's Best Dad". I guess we will have to battle to the death some day to decide who actually deserves to wear the hat.

And once Mom and Dad headed home, I ran to the south side of town to pick up another of my Father's Day presents. A used washer and dryer set. They are a lot better than what we have now, and maybe I can sell our old ones for truck parts money. Besides, since I do almost all of the laundry around here, I am glad to have a washer that isn't rusting away.

And we are about to finish Dad's Day at the baseball park. Hot dogs and sodas at the ball park, now that is a good way to start a week.

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