Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Flounder Fumble

We headed down to Pop's fishing shack on Friday morning. By 1:30 I was already 'sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting tiii-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiii-ime....'.

Got skunked Friday on the trusty rod and reels. But the sail line was loaded with Gafftopsails. I don't get to fish in the bay often and when I do I usually go after Reds and Flounder.

SO when I pulled in a couple of small gafftops, I tossed them back. Then later, I landed one big gafftop, but I did not want to clean one fish, so I tossed it back. Of course, when I finished reeling the sail line in, there were two more nice sized gafftops, and several smaller ones. But by then I was really wanting to find the flounder, so I put all of the gafftops back.

Saturday we went to a family barbecue. More about that later. But no fishing all day.

This morning I finally landed a nice flounder. We would have been eating great tonight. But right after I unhooked him, I fumbled the fish and he flopped right back into the drink.

I decided that fish for dinner did not sound so great, so I packed it in and we headed home. Fishless.

But I did find a gas station that sells Dr Pepper with real Imperial Pure Cane Sugar in it, so I brought home a handful of those instead. Yum.


Rick said...

I read somewhere that the only place in the world still making Dr. Pepper with pure cane sugar is the Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in Dublin Texas? Were you near Dublin? Is that where the DP was bottled?

Mike said...

Nope. We were at the coast, Dublin is near Waco in the middle of the state.

I think that Dublin is still the only place making the good stuff full-time, but I guess this stuff is made elsewhere in a limited run or something because it was in cans and plastic 20 oz.

Last I heard about Dublin, they canonly fill 12 oz glass bottles because their equipment is so old.

Anonymous said...

That's Dublin Texas, 60 miles west of Waco off I-35 South. Dublin Dr. Pepper stills offers both the cans and bottles, but the cans are bottled under the authourity of Dublin Dr. Pepper, since their the only ones license to in the state of Texas. God Bless Texas and Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Unknown said...

there is actually 4 pure cane sugar bottlers dublin,tx temple,tx, abilene,tx and there is one in north carolina. I also saw dr pepper with pure cane sugar near the coast. I was in matagorda. It was in a light green 20 oz bottle. My guess is that it was the dr pepper company was testing the product.

Mike said...

the green bottles come from Victoria TX.

god bless 'em.