Monday, June 26, 2006

Bring on the visitors

About 30 minutes before JB called on Sunday afternoon, I had given up. The house was a total loss for the weekend and we would be starting another week living in a toxic waste dump. No big deal. It has surely been worse in the past , but it still takes the wind out of my sails to start the week this way.

Then JB called from 20 miles up the road. He would be at the house in less than an hour.

The kids and wife were asleep, so I thought I could make the living room/dining room/kitchen presentable in short order. But then the size of the huge mess hit me so I called up reinforcements. The Boss Lady and I dove head first into the piles.

And in 30 minutes, with about 5 minutes to spare, the main part of the house was not only passable, it looked durn good. Our bedroom? Don't ask. The clutter had to go somewhere. But we just skipped that part of the house tour and no one cared.

Amazing how much cleaning a couple of lazy slobs can get done under the pressure of a surprise attack. I mean visit. Attack better describes what The Talker and The Princess did when they found JB sitting on the couch.

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