Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 3, Off to an early start

The Boss Lady and I have always been opposites. She is a morning person (after the second snooze alarm) and I am a night owl. Which work out pretty good for me on weekends. I stay up late watching TV and surfing the web and then in the morning I sleep until all hours of the morning have passed me by.

With The Boss out of town, I am trying to get to sleep earlier, so that I can be semi-conscious when the little ones wake up. 'Cause they both wake up FAST! From asleep to ready to play in .357 seconds.

So last night I put in Raiders of the Lost Ark as soon as the kids were down for the night. I figured I would not make it through the movie, since I was worn the hell out. But of course, I was still up playing on the 'net and watching Sports Center after midnight.

The first thing I heard this morning, at 6:13 am, was The Princess yelling "Daddy, I am up, come get me. Mommy, come get me! Bubba, I AM AWAKE, OPEN MY DOOR!"

But, even if she did wake me with a laugh, there was no chance she was getting out of there before 6:30.

Two minutes later I heard The Talker heading out on a rescue mission. "Hang on. I'll be right there after I go potty."

The boy has his priorities right...

Within 30 seconds I heard The Princess turn loose again, this time with an angle I could not ignore. "Help me, SOMEONE! I am stuck. HELP ME!!!"

I imagined her wedged underneath a piece of furniture or stuck between her bad and the wall. Something drastic. What I found was funny, but not injury-causing. She had climbed up on her play table and pushed her way through the mini blinds, to bang on her window and scream at the world.

I guess she had given up on her family. She must have been hoping that a neighbor would come to her aid and open her bedroom door so that her morning play could begin.


Anonymous said...

very funny start to the day. cute.

Anonymous said...

I try this everyday when I get up, but alas no help arrives! Luckily, the boy loves donuts and chocolate milk!

Anonymous said...

She sounds adorable! That is too funny.