Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Dad's Day

To all of my pals who are dads, Happy Father's Day a couple of hours early. Along those lines, I got my Father's Day Present tonight. Here is the left overs.

It will take me a while to get all of this packaging thrown away. But it was a big box and it took an hour and a half to put together, so you know it is a good gift.

Yep. I got a see saw for Father's Day. I have seen them for six months or so at Costco, but they finally went on a clearance sale. So the family met me up there this evening so that I could drive the Saturn. Without kid's car seats I was able to fold down the back seats and just barely squeeze the big box in for the ride home.

The best part of the gift was having The Talker help while I assembled the see saw. He held tools and brought me parts when I needed them. And he stayed out there the entire time I was working.

And by the smiles on their faces, it looks like I got a gift that everyone will enjoy.

After the kids were in bed, The Boss Lady and I moved it to the back yard. NOw it is one more reason for every kid in the neighbor hood to want to hang out over here.

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jen said...

How AWESOME!!! Happy Father's Day, AtHomeDaddy!