Thursday, June 22, 2006

The To Do list

The Boss Lady has been gone since Tuesday morning. She should be home sometime this afternoon. The kids and I are ready, believe me. Last week she was gone for 4 days. And she did not get home a moment too soon.

Anyways, last week I had the house ready for her arrival. It was not spotless, but passably clean and straightened. Clean sheets on all of the beds and the floors were freshly vacuumed. The kid's rooms were fairly organized and I had even folded AND put away the laundry. Which after 4 years as a Stay at Home Dad, is the one chore I still REALLY can't stand to do.

Today? There is a couch somewhere under that pile of laundry over there. If she wants to sit down, I guess she can fold clothes until she finds a seat.

And the rest of the house? The vacuum is still sitting in the corner where I left it when I was preparing for The Boss Lady's last arrival. The clean sheets are still on the beds So I guess they no longer qualify as clean sheets. And the rest of the house is an absolute disaster.

We might get around to cleaning the house a little today but I doubt it. It is kind of overcast and cool outside so we most like be found floating away the morning in the neighbor's pool after the USA World Cup Game.

Welcome home, Boss. Feel free to fold yourself up a nice cozy spot on the couch.

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