Monday, June 05, 2006


I should probably just end this blog entry with the title.

But I am not a man who chooses to use only a few words, so here goes...

We got home from a long weekend yesterday afternoon. On the way home The Boss Lady and I were planning the rest of our busy week. She is leaving Sunday morning for four days at a conference. So big fun will be had right here at home during that time. And if the conference is boring, I guess the wife can skip out and find something to do. After all, she is heading to Las Vegas. How the hell do I get sent to a four day conference in Vegas?

Then, when the week was looking hopelessly busy already, we found out that to fly out this morning on a quick trip home to attend a funeral. She will be back tomorrow night, so I guess today/tonight/tomorrow is like a warm up for the kids and I.

After taking the kids to the grocery store at 8 this morning, the park at 10, running errands all over town at 3, the baseball game at 6 tonight and back home and into the tub at 8:30, we really needed the extra warm up day.

Now, the kitchen is trashed, the car is filthy and still full of stuff from our road trip and daily errands and it is a couple of hours before I usually head to bed. But I am down for the count and the piles will be waiting for me in the morning.

And maybe for The Boss Lady after she gets home from Las Vegas in 9 days.

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