Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Passing on the neighborhood dryer

I just finished installing the new clothes dryer. I bought a washer and dryer set from a friend who is moving out of state. It was a great deal that we could not pass up. Plus, for the first time in my adult life, there is a matched washer and dryer in the house.

I plumbed up the washer the other day, because ours is rusting away. But our dryer was working fine, so I put off that swap until today. I just rebuilt the dryer in the spring after we bought it for $50 from a neighbor. Now it is headed to that side of the neighborhood again.

Other Dad is taking the gas dryer to replace his old electric. His family lives just two doors up from where we bought the dryer in December.

Now I just hope it keeps working good for them because they are friends of ours. And we never seem to be out of old dryers around here, but I would sure hate to run out of friendly neighbors.

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