Friday, June 16, 2006

Fire the Rocket!

Tonight Roger Clemens is pitching for the Round Rock Express.

If that sentence does not make any sense to you, then go away. Thank you. Come Again.

The Boss Lady and I are splitting season tickets with Uncle Lemon, so we would be getting to watch the action form some prime seats. If we hadn't given tonight's tickets away a month or more ago. And no, it did not help that the people who had the tickets are big Astro's fans.

This is The Rocket and he is pitching 150 feet from our seats.

After the people offered all of the tickets back, we finally decided to take two of them, so Uncle Lemon and I will be out there. The Boss Lady gets to spend some quality time with the kids and we don't waste two awesome seats on the munchkins.

A good deal for everyone.


Anonymous said...

That is super exciting. Although I am a Ranger fan, it would be amazing to see Roger Clemens pitch in that atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

cool beans. and so close, too.