Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stream of semi-consciousness

I once had a college professor who would start each class talking for a few minutes about whatever was on his mind. And if no one interrupted his thought, he would talk for the hour about lots of unrelated things and then dismiss the class. He called it a stream of consciousness. I called it an easy 8 am class.

Not surprisingly, I made an 'A' in that creative writing class. But it is a little surprising that I don't remember ever actually writing any papers.

Anyways, in the mindset of that class, here are a few things I have been meaning to blog about but haven't gotten around to...

When we were loading up to go to Pop's house last Friday morning, I heard a bird squawk . It sounded odd and when I looked that direction, I saw a Red Tailed Hawk swoop down and snatch a mockingbird right out of the air. It flew off over our house and several mocking birds gave a short chase. Cool!

When I was fishing Friday afternoon at Pop's pier, the fishing was lousy. And I saw why late in the day. The bay is protected from the main part of the Gulf of Mexico, so lots of small fish live there. But that invites dolphins in. And there were several dolphins eating sushi in the bay that afternoon. Cool!

At one point, when we were heading home, The Boss Lady was trying to get The Talker to chill out and be quiet. She asked, "Son, where is your quiet voice?" His response sounded like something out of a horror movie "The quiet voice is GONE!" Cool! I have often wondered if the boy is possessed.

Yesterday, when the kids and I were out running errands, I was needing a few minutes of quiet. The Princess was happy, playing with a Leap Frog toy. And the boy was needing something to keep him still. So I gladly paid $200 for a quiet 30 minutes in the car. I gave him my digital camera and I showed him how to take pictures. He shot 60 pics in about 15 minutes. So when I get around to it, I'll upload some of his pictures. Interesting stuff.

Well, that about does it for this morning. Class dismissed.

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KC said...

"The quiet voice is GONE!"

Awesome answer. Sure to get him grounded, but still... :)