Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Halfway through a busy week

The Talker is going to Vacation Bible School this week. And just to make sure it sinks in, he is going to two different ones.

Our church just opened a new recreation center and they are having VBS there. The Talker did not want to miss out on all of the cool stuff they have, from bouncers to canoeing and indoor rock climbing, so we signed him up along with 1200 of his close friends. He is there all week, from 10am-2pm.

A neighbor's church does VBS a little differently. They have a neighborhood group at their house and at member's houses all over town. So their VBS is in the backyard each evening. The Talker goes down there from 7-8:30pm each night.

On Monday the whole family swam at the YMCA's outdoor pool for a couple of hours in between Bible schools. By bed time we were worn out. The Talker most of all.

The Princess and I have been getting some good one on one time during all of this biblical chaos. Monday she and I went to the Y for a couple of hours in the morning. Today we are off to the Children's Museum for a few hours after we drop big brother off. After naps we will probably all end up back at the pool.

Luckily, The Boss Lady is working short days this week. And then she is home all next week. Not much of a summer break, but at least next week won't be so busy.

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