Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 4, Airport Run

The Talker and I went out to the airport tonight to pick up The Boss Lady. Her flight arrived about half an hour later than scheduled. But because of my piss poor listening skills, it arrived about 3 hours after I THOUGHT it was going to land.

Turns out it is a really bad idea to tell the kids that Mommy will be home to read them bedtime stories if you haven't read the entire trip itinerary. And it is a REALLY, REALLY bad idea if you do it a dozen times or more during the day.

The kids were really bummed when I finally told them that they would have to wait until tomorrow to see Mommy. And I just could not stand the idea of The Boy falling asleep crying, so I took him with me and a friend stayed with the sleeping Princess

Everyone is home. The house is a wreck. The dog is barking and chewing on the kid's toys.

Life is normal.

At least until she leaves again for a few days in a couple of weeks...

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